An Encouraging Letter To A Woman Who Hasn’t Given Up Her Dreams


They’ve called you naive, wild, and unrealistic. They’ve made you feel like there is something wrong with you. Especially, those who are the closest to you and should support you the most. For they haven’t recognized your true self.

You’ve walked through a fire so many times that you’ve sometimes questioned the direction of your life. There are moments when you doubt yourself, and you want to hide in the corner.

Some people seem to be happy for your missteps. They call themselves your friends, but you know that they aren’t sincere. They can’t be because they’re unhappy with their own lives.

You vividly remember the day when you’ve met a man of your wildest dreams. The one who makes your heart and soul sing. You could see a reflection of your eye’s in his. You were one. But something happened, and your paths separated.

This was the sacred moment when your heart cracked wide open. You’ve touched the depths of your soul. You’ve faced your inner demons and walked through a valley of death. Yet, still, you’re standing here, stronger than anytime before. In the darkest moments, you’ve found your inner warrior who always stands up more power from the ashes of pain.

You’re the warrior of light, and you fight demons with your love and strength.

No matter how many times you’ve been mistreated, stepped on, hurt, betrayed, you always stand up taller than before. Because you know that the single most important thing in the world is – you. During the many battles which you’ve fought, you’ve learned to turn any circumstance into your growth. All the pain has made you step into your power more.

No matter how tempting it can be to be dependent on someone else, you’ve learned that you can’t trade parts of yourself for approval and love. If this is required of you, you know that it’s not a genuine love but rather an ego game. You’re the only person who you’ll ever be with all the time. Others always leave, be it by their choice or the death separates you.

You’ve also mastered the understanding of the laws of the universe. Everything and everyone is but a reflection of yourself. Others teach you about the parts of yourself that you couldn’t have seen otherwise.

In particular, those qualities you aren’t ready to own. As well as, those parts of you that still scare you and you’d like to let them go. The fear of them can sometimes blind you to the point that you don’t recognize that they also belong to you. But, now, you know that everything happens for you. Not to you. Thus you treat everyone as a messenger from the deeper parts of you.

You’ve also realized that you’re here to embody your soul. This is the primary source of your true strength. There is no need to count on the limitations of mind when you’ve all the universe standing right next to you. In fact, you’re the perfect miniature of the universe. Therefore, you cherish the moments when you just are with all the devotion you have.

You deserve just to be whenever you choose. For these moments teach you about the depths of your heart. When you merely breathe, walk in nature, or lie down on the grass, you’re connected with yourself. You’re at peace. And then you can see the beauty of your soul and you recognize it within you.

In the moments when you unleash your feminine energy, your mind and heart align. And you feel powerful beyond the measure. Your inner power has always been there but you’ve needed to walk a distance to feel comfortable with owning it. Your soul whispers to you incessantly that you’re here to shine and share your true self with the world. For only then, you’re invincible.

No matter what you’ve been through, it only made you stronger. You’ve protected your beautiful dreams, and you’re now ready to build your life around them. For you know that you’ve had your dreams for a good reason – to act on them. [TC-MARK]