An Invasion Of Privacy Is Never Acceptable


Since the past weekend’s events, the leaked photos of all those celebrities, there has been much debate of what the invasion of privacy and subsequent arguments are. One of the rising arguments is the expected ‘slut shaming’ argument. Claiming leaking nude photos of celebrities is merely the new form of slut shaming and another sexist attack on women. It’s easy to forget after all, when all you hear about is the female celebs, that male celebs/partners/randoms got their junk leaked online too. And it is not the first time it has happened to both men and women.

Slut shaming exists in every corner of the globe in some or other. Slut shaming is a terrible waste of every logical person’s time and another idiotic consequence of a lot of old cultures. Whether you are in Africa, Asia, Europe or the Americas… this holds true. People who tend to partake in slut shaming tend to come out of distinct backgrounds, some heavily religious, some heavily embedded in whatever cultures the generations come from. There are the idiots and the non-thinkers, the ones who speak before they think and those who speak as they do while hiding behind anonymous internet identities. Slut shaming is a bullying tactic, there are guys and girls who do it because they really believe some bullshit they were raised to believe.

There are guys who do it because some girl refused them and girls who do it because they dislike a girl, and girls dislike girls for many stupid ass reasons. The sad part is that many of the modern SJWs (and I say this with respect) have turned it into an issue of sexism and misogyny. When in actual fact, if you look at the evidence all around you every day, women tend to slut shame women at a far higher rate than you’ll find men doing it. Women can and are sexist towards women all the time. They are rude, unapologetic, apathetic creatures about it, when they are.

For many of the idiotic men who do it, it is a tactic of insulting, a response to being or feeling insulted, or to being denied attention or whatever. For most women, there are things like insecurity, jealousy, silly rivalry, from high schools to colleges to church to your local Publix and whatever mall you frequent. We still live in an age where the hot girl dressed up will be called a slut by women who don’t know her simply because she garners attention where they might not, or more than they do.

Maybe it’s time we called bullying what it is and were realistic about it. Maybe then it’ll be easier to get the ball rolling on change. It’s not unlike nerd shaming or any other form of bullying, it is something both sexes engage in, for a multitude of reasons, and they are mostly fucking dumb. We can call a spade a spade, we can call an idiot on the internet just that but we fail when we start making every single thing an ‘us against them’ ‘battle of the sexes’ issue, because not every issue is and to do so merely takes the focus away from the real problem and allows it to continue.

Selfish people exist. Ignorant people exist. Raging imbeciles on the internet exist. They do not represent a whole side, they are bad apples and make no mistake, on the internet, they are the vocal minority. Do not pander to their bullshit, do not give them the time of day. When they have no one left to troll and fight, they will do what they always do, they will turn on and eat each other.

Alas, this will likely fall on deaf ears and the madness will continue while the problem is allowed to continue to fester as well.