An Ode To My Broken Girls


First off, you are not broken
You are not an object and therefore you cannot, and never will be, “broken.”
Your spirit may feel smaller and your energy may be reduced, but that is only because you’re letting go of another being.
Or maybe you didn’t let go.
Maybe you were pushed out and no matter how far you reached you couldn’t stay where you were.
Maybe you wanted to.
Hell, maybe you even thought you needed to.
But I am telling you that you did not.
Because the day is coming when those tears will dry and your voice won’t shake when people ask how you are.
It does not happen instantly.
In fact, it can take days, months, years.
It is filled with ups and downs,
With letting go’s and reaching out’s,
With leaving only to return again,
With saying “I mean it this time” and actually meaning it,
And then not meaning it again.
It is mistakes.
It is lessons.
It is love.
It is destruction.
You’ve turned your heart into a demolition site.
You say, “I am under construction, please excuse the mess.”
But you are not a mess.
Your journey is not a mess, it is beautiful.
You are beautiful.
And although it does not feel like it, the day will come when you will be able to read the words “You are beautiful” and not hear his voice.
The day when your tic-toc heart begins to sound like music again.
The day when you no longer see yourself as broken.
Because you are whole.
One plus one may equal two but even subtracting the one still leaves one.
And I am not a mathematician, but I know enough to tell you that one is a whole number.
And one can stand alone.
And I’d even venture to say that one likes it.
And I’d even venture to say that one day soon, you will like it too.