An Ode To The Women We Used To Love


To the women we once loved,

We may still have lingering feelings, we may hate you with every ounce of our being or simply now be indifferent to your being, perhaps some medium in between all of these emotions. However for that brief moment in the fabric of time where we together built memories (happy or distasteful) those will be seared into our brains memory center forever. You will be your perfume, your habits, your preferences and your mannerisms. All etched into our minds memory bank. We may or may not talk anymore. We may see each other at a mutual friends birthday, wedding or housewarming party and we may act cordial or not. The die has been cast based on the past.

Everyone that enters our lives leaves a mark of some sort, It’s an experience. That horrible boss, that girlfriend who was a best friend, the women who supported our ambitions and supported us when we had absolutely nothing going for us to the one who was basically sucking our soul out, yes the one all our friends called a complete succubus bitch but we refused to identify it at the time because unfortunately we were quite madly in love with you.

We thank you, yes even the succubus, we thank you because you taught us something. You taught us patience, how to understand people’s motivations, to be more driven individuals. Regardless of our good or bad experiences we are the product of what “we” once were. You made us in to stronger, more intelligent driven men.

There is something about the human psyche, to summarize it succinctly “Get Mad, You son of a Bitch.”

Emotions, albeit we as men work very hard to contain them, they seep through in our work.

We channel that energy into our work, into our passions, into whatever we feel is inadequate about us. We will spend countless hours refining our craft until we are either tired and can go no more or we have bloody well perfected it. We will go to all measures and extremes to acquire that which you belittled us for. For this, we thank you.

Know this, you may call us strong, you may call us weak, but in that brief moment we did exchange secrets, and yours we too will forever keep.

You may have found us undesirable, unfuckable even perhaps, or you may have felt that we had no social graces, maturity, or socio-economic inadequacy. For showing us our inadequacies, we thank you.

You have done your fellow woman a great favour, you in perhaps your selfish and short sighted view, have helped us better ourselves, so the next time some woman tears down our sweat and toil laden wall of emotional defenses, behind it she will find something that you had an impact on. You indeed drove us to better ourselves and for this we thank you.

In closing, we may never see each other in our lives for whatever reason but know this, we are happy that you have moved on in your world and we have moved on in ours. Maybe if the stars align, our paths may cross again at some other interval of our lives, where maybe you look disheveled while trying to manage your ferociously excited children, or trying to manage your company, whatever path in life you choose, we wish you nothing but the best.

To the women we once loved, we thank you.