An Ode To Women On International Women’s Day


How am I to describe the beauty of a woman? The beauty of a force that is both enchanting and strong, in the most balanced of ways? How am I to describe the force of nature that exists upon the surface of their skin? It is simple. I cannot. Even the wisest monks had trouble describing the elegance of the female spirit 600 years ago, breeding adjectives such as ‘intoxicating’ and ‘stunning.’ However, those pay no justice to the magic that dances around a woman at even the most trying of times.

Dear women. I admire your sensitivity. I hold on to your tenderness like hope between my palms, I thrive when I see you standing up for your heart. You are the truest form of rebellious I know, for you act with sentiment and softness when the world asks you to change. You have never allowed for such a world to harden you, you have never silenced your empathy, and that makes you a marvel to both the human soul and the human eye.

You are the closest thing to nature that I have ever encountered. You are the stillness in the air on a summer’s day, the slight rustle of wind through forests of greens and yellows. You are the top of a mountain, in all of its glory, and vastness, and exquisiteness. From the freckles in your eyes to the blush of your lips, you are every hue and tone of this Earth – and just like we revel in the simple yet unapologetic magnificence of this physical world, we revel in its mirror within you.

You are strength. You are vigor and ruthlessness that fights every single day to achieve and love. Some of you are lost to insensitive laws, to archaic theology, to violence and to poverty, and yet there is still a confidence that envelopes the bones of a woman, there is always still courage in your eyes. Even the strongest of structures within history have crumbled under pressure, during war, through the toughest times this planet has endured, and yet women still stand in solidarity, women still have their feet planted firmly on the ground like redwoods of optimism. You inspire through that, and you save lives every single day when you awake and exclaim your power, your thirst for equality. You allow the others to know that they aren’t alone, you mother the lost, the hurting, the broken and you are an example of selfless might. You hold the worlds hand, and within that you create unity, you breed hope. For that all I can say, all I can yell from the top of my lungs and from the deepest, most grateful part of my soul is “Thank you.”