An Open Letter To Every Broken Girl: You Deserve More


I know it’s not easy. I know it hurts. You’re sitting there over thinking: a million and one questions running through your head. Unable to sleep—creating different scenarios in your mind while making a mental list of regrets. But you can’t keep blaming yourself for someone else’s inability to provide you the type of love you deserve. Tonight is just like any other night, difficult as hell but you’ll do what you’ve always done. You’ll get over it, you’ll get through it. You’ll be fine. And him? He won’t realize it tomorrow, a week from now, a month, or even a year. No. But he will realize many years down the line what he missed having with you. When he’s in an unhappy and loveless relationship, he’ll think of you and your unrelenting passion and fire you burned for him. He’ll think how you wouldn’t allow him to walk all over you and will begin to admire your stance on standing up for yourself and recognizing your worth. You will see, back then, he wasn’t ready, mentally or emotionally, to refuel you like you fueled him. He didn’t know how to handle your flame so he allowed you to burn out. But believe me, the day will come when he finds himself thinking how his life got to the point of doing what he thought made others happy, only to realize the only thing that made him happy was you.

So wipe those tears away. Stand up. Pick up those pieces. Start speaking up for yourself when you’re feeling uncomfortable in a situation. Do not enter any relationships with boys until you build a solid and secure relationship with yourself first. Spend more time with your friends having fun, being carefree and young rather than rushing to grow up so quickly. Your wild and messy curls are beautiful just the way they are and if the only way you’re gonna fit in is to straighten them all the time, then you don’t need to fit in anywhere. Your big heart is not a gift and a curse, but instead its a blessing. You just have to be really careful whom you give it to because not everyone you meet is going to know how to take care of it the way it needs to be taken care of. Until the time you learn that you will know healing is not easy but it’s worth it.