An Open Letter To My Best Friend With A Broken Heart


I honestly never thought I’d live to see this day. I never thought I’d live to see you broken.

I can’t say I saw it coming. If you asked me a year ago if you were ever going to part ways, I’d highly doubt it. Six months ago, I’d shrug and suggest that anything can happen. Six weeks ago, I’d pray on my knees you’d find happiness again after watching you tirelessly fight for him to stay.

You see, that’s what I learned. Moments come and go. A year becomes a month, a month becomes a week, and the next thing you know, you’re down to one day. Much like people. You’re madly in love one second, the next, you’re sitting in silence across each other at a restaurant scrolling on your phones.

People change. We’re supposed to. It’s what makes us human.

Change isn’t always for the worse, though. I’ve learned that. But what happens when you don’t?

What happens when the days you spend staring into each other’s eyes for hours on, simply become rare glances of the doors to a soul you’re madly in love with? What happens when hugs where you never thought you’d have to let go of, turn into walking away from each other one last time?

What happens when the last kiss suddenly holds true to its meaning?

You’re a lot stronger than I knew you to be. You surprised me and you continue to everyday. Every time you’d come to me with those poofy post-cry eyes and rosy sobering-up cheeks, I stand in shock yet I applaud you with all my might.

“You don’t drink to forget; you drink to feel more.”

I guess this is all I wanted you to know.

It gets better. Tomorrow will come, and you will still wake up and your life will still be right before your eyes. It may seem like a bit of a mess to begin with, but it’ll have to do.

Everyday from here on out, is a process of you picking up the broken pieces he stepped on to turn it into a masterpiece he failed to appreciate in the first place. Every decision you make will glue it all back together. You, will get it together.

Now, you are free. You can choose what’s best for you without fear of leaving someone you care about behind. Because someone who genuinely cares about you won’t keep you from moving forward, they’ll be the wind blowing you in the right direction.

And hey, to the guy who broke her heart who might be reading this, I honestly pity you. She’s going to experience and become greater things, far more amazing than anything else you’ll ever come close to. It’s a shame that you could have been part of it all, but you chose to push away the one person who wanted so badly to keep you close no matter how much it hurt her.

She loved you. And I am telling you now, no one will ever love you close to how she did.

Tragic, really. (Just stop being an asshole for a second, thanks.)

To my best friend, you can be happy now.

I pray you discover that love and happiness are still out there; and that there are people who offer it, no conditions, expirations, or limits.

It’s out there. A genuine life is waiting for you out there. And now, it’s your time to go find it.