An Open Letter To My College Friends Who Brought Out The Best In Me


I never thought it was true when they said that the people that you meet in college will forever be a big part of your life, but when you find that group of friends you will realize that everyone was right all along. For that reason I decided to dedicate my first blog post ever to the amazing friends that I have been blessed to meet at Rutgers. As an incoming freshman you may feel that you will never find a good group of friends that truly have your back no matter what the situation is, because I sure did not.

My first week in college consisted of me searching up schools close to home that I could transfer to because I felt that I would never be able to call Rutgers home. But believe it or not, it became small very quickly and by the end of my first semester I had met my friends that I knew would be by my side lifelong. And so my suggestion is to just be patient, because I can assure you that you too will find those friends that you can call your future bridesmaids and best men. And although our lives consist of cracking on each other 24/7, fighting about clothes, food, boys, etc., at the end of the day, they are the ones that I come to when I have a bad day, when I’m sad or when I simply just want to share a couple of laughs, eat wings and pizza and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, How I met Your Mother or Friends. The countless memories that we have created through out college will be stories that we tell years from now and will laugh about wishing that we could go back to those good old days.

So that’s the thing, I want to continue to experience college with all of my friends, continue to be college kids, staying up late studying during the week and even later on the weekends, and live each of these moments to the fullest. As I look around at all my friends, see them right there in front of me I fail to acknowledge that this is all temporary, that this is not how our lives will be forever, and this time that we get with each other is truly limited. A few years from now we will all be guided towards our own separate ways, forming families, traveling the world, moving away to other parts of the world, joining the army, etc., and actually living our own lives. As depressing as it sounds it’s the sad truth but for that reason I dedicate this post to you guys, my amazing friends, who I must admit sometimes take for granted and for that I am sorry. Instead of ever spending a split second mad at each other, fighting, arguing or bickering over something ridiculously stupid, I want to spend that time and energy on doing some other ridiculously stupid thing we do.

Not to sound corny now, but to my friends, you are all the positive people that bring out the best in me, and although I do not say it as frequently as I should I truly am thankful for you all and blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.  As for those people that are still finding their true friends in college, I believe that it is vital to surround yourself with positive people that motivate you each day to grow and better yourself. Surround yourself with that positivity because at the end of the day, that is the energy that you too will radiate.