An Open Letter To My Street Harassers


I looked forward to summer this year. We had a crappy winter and finally I would be able to feel the sun. I looked forward to wearing long flowery dresses, nice colorful sunglasses, and fun jewelry. I looked forward to staying out late. I looked forward to all of this because I forgot about you. I forgot you exists until I caught you leering at me, making me feel like I’m property. I forgot that you are the bad apple of summer.

I hate you but you don’t know that. I hate that I have to consider if what I’m wearing is too short or too tight in case I see you. I hate that I have to cross the street whenever I see you with your group of friends sitting at the deli. i hate that you beg for money then mumble how im a fake ass bitch when i don’t give it. I hate that I have to wear headphones when I pass you so I wont have to hear you won’t scream out “Smile for me baby,” or “I’d like to see whats underneath that dress.” I hate that you purposely invade my personal space then laugh about it as soon as I scurry away.

What I wish to say is to your face is “Stop it! It’s not cute.” It’s not going to make me stop and give you money, or what you really what-attention. You are like a small child begging for people to notice you. But in reality, you are just a lowly bum the street giving other males a bad name and rap.

My advice is simple. Get your life together! Pick a book. Use the computer. Get a real job. Get off the street. Stop being a stereotype so I can walk the streets safely again without feeling unsafe. I was not put on this earth to serve you, to notice you, or give you the time of day. You have to earn that. And you will never earn that by spitting out misogynistic terms, and trying to make me feel like the lesser sex. Stop it; it’s not working.

I’m not gonna let you ruin summer for me. I promise you that. I’m not going to let you take power from me and make me feel vulnerable. I will rise above. I will enjoy my summer.