An Open Letter To The Dog Who Is No Longer Mine


I’m sorry it couldn’t work out with us. I’m sorry the relationship fell apart between me and your other owner. I’m mostly sorry I didn’t fight harder for you. I’m sorry I gave up too easily.

Sometimes I think I see a glimpse of you as I drive by a park, but then I realize it isn’t you. I sometimes wonder how I would react if I saw you again.

I think about how I would want to run up to you and hug you tightly.

I often wonder how you would react; if you would get excited to see me or if you would even remember me at all.

Sometimes I think of you when I hear fireworks and I wonder if he’s holding you the way I would. If he’s comforting you in the ways I used to when you were scared and frightened of the world outside that you couldn’t understand.

I really hope he is.

Sometimes I wonder if he holds you the way I would. I wonder if he kisses you the way I would. I hope he is holding you and giving you the love and affection you deserve.

And sometimes I wonder if the new person who took my place will love you the way I loved you. if she understands the love I had for you.

I sometimes wonder if she understands how much we loved you and how much we wanted our life together to be a happy family. To be a family who rescued you and chose you and lived happily ever after together.

But we couldn’t be a happy family together. We would fight and you would hide away frightened by our screams at one another. You were torn between the two of us and used as a pawn in a chess game you couldn’t understand. Sometimes the love two people had for one another changes and I’m sorry for the way it affected you.

I hope you will forgive me for leaving you.

I hope you will forgive me for leaving you with only one owner instead of two; for leaving you even though my heart wanted so badly to keep you.

I hope whoever holds you at night loves you the way you deserve to be loved because you are an amazing, incredible dog who deserves a home filled with happiness.