An Open Letter To The Fuckboys Of This Generation


There is no pride in earning a title for breaking hearts. No amount of claps on the back for bagging the hot chick from the club will ever be enough to make up for being a cheating stud. No amount of wolf whistles and exchange of sexual exploits with your friends will ever atone for the pains of a weeping woman. No amount of reasoning like, “I am still young, let me explore,” can justify the string of broken hearts you leave in your wake. No amount of excuses can make it okay to hurt a girl who never would’ve hurt you.

The girl you walked past and winked at, the girl you talked to on the bus, the girl from the club with that great ass, that innocent little girl from your college class. All of them believing they’re special, all of them giddy with the illusion of love.

You think nothing of your actions. You think of girls as a pastime or plaything. You think how great it would be to fuck someone that hot. You think nothing of sex but pleasure. You think nothing of her body but just that. You think…you think. Wait. No. You don’t think.

You don’t think of the girls who lie awake at night with thoughts of just you, while you lie in bed and it’s not just you. You don’t think much of your lie when you tell her, “I love you.” You don’t think of how you’re giving her false hopes you won’t see through. You don’t think about the naive girls that believe you. You don’t think about the slutty girls you fucked either, do you? You don’t think…you don’t think.

Wait. You do. You think of yourself and no one else because you are all that matters to you.

Like a predator, you have prey, too. Like a spoiled little boy wanting to try every flavor of candy that’s bad for you. You get obsessed about the new girls that enchant you. You try and win her endlessly and get her to want you. You win her over with your efforts and try even harder when she rejects you.

You get her to want you like you do. And then you just leave her broken when she falls for you.

There will be a multitude of girls that will claim to love you. They will worship you in a way you don’t deserve. It’s so easy for them to love you. After all, you made them believe you could love them, too. But there will be tons of girls that hate you too. The ones you left forgotten. The ones who are still trying to forget you.

You’re in a living fantasy now. Girls are throwing themselves at you. You’re just loving this, aren’t you?

Now think of a girl crying on her bathroom floor. Think of that girl skipping meals. Think of that girl crying herself to sleep. Think of that girl. Think of that girl as every girl that’s ever been with you.


And now they’re hurting all because of you.