An Open Letter To The Guy Who Acts Like We Don’t Share A Past


Do you remember me? I’m the girl who you will invite to events. I’m the girl who you will text randomly and never text back. I’m the girl who liked you, but you didn’t want me back. But most importantly I’m the girl you acted like you never even knew.

Sometimes I look back on the past and wonder why I even became friends with you. Sometimes I wonder why I let you treat me the way you do. But one thing is for sure I wonder why I went to an event that you invited me to and you acted like you never even knew me.

When I first met you, I thought that you were one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You were attractive both on the outside and on the inside. You were this guy who could make me smile. You were the guy who lifted me up when I did bad on a test. You were the guy I just wanted to be close to. You were the guy that made everything seem so simple. You were just that guy for me.

Then everything changed.

When I told you that I liked you, you told me that you didn’t like me back. You told me you didn’t want a girlfriend because you wanted to focus on you and I accepted that. It hurt, but I understood where you were coming from. So, I told you I would still like to be your friend. So, we remained friends but at a distance.

But now after having you act like I wasn’t even your friend it makes me wonder if I ever really was your friend. It makes me wonder if you ever really cared about me. It makes me wonder if you ever really wanted to be my friend. But most importantly it makes me wonder if I’m just another one of the many people you were friends with and then just threw aside like they were nothing.

We have a history whether you want to admit it or not. So why would you act like I was never your friend? Because at one point and time we would talk lots, we would walk to classes together, we would talk over text, and we would just talk.

But then something changed.

Was it when I told you my feelings? Because if it was I’m sorry, but I can’t ever take that back or the fact that I had those feelings.

But then when you pop up in my feed on social media talking about how you haven’t found a girlfriend yet, it hurt. It hurt because it meant you were just trying to spare my feelings when you told me that you wanted to focus on yourself. But it also hurt when I saw you, and you acted as if I never existed in your life. Was I never important to you? Was I just some stupid girl? What was it that made you act like I was never a friend to you? Because honestly, I don’t know. All I remember was that I was hurt and maybe I still am hurt. But now it’s just too late. We both can’t take back our pasts together. But it seems like you can sure delete me from your past by acting like I never existed in your world.