An Open Letter To The Man Who Called Me A ‘Stupid Bitch’


I was going to censor out the word “bitch” but you clearly didn’t when you looked me in the eyes on the soccer field and ceased to remark in a demeaning tone, “You stupid bitch.”

In the moment as you know, I was so shaken up that I said nothing. Nothing but hurt by what I attempted to tell myself was a minuscule comment. Nothing but watering eyes to the point where I could barely shake hands at the end of the game.

Still nothing? I don’t think so.

While I couldn’t quite collect my thoughts at the time, I believe this is part of a larger, societal issue that demands some attention.

This stupid bitch that you so ignorantly and irrationally labelled has something that she would like you to know:

Your comment was inappropriate. Period. I could end here but I don’t think you fully understand the extent of your word choice.

Because when I apologized well over seven times for accidentally tripping you, the words still rolled off your lips like butter. And when my teammate calmly confronted your unethical behaviour, you’re only concern was that the ball did not reach the net.

This is a reflection of your character, not mine.

If you think I want an apology, I don’t. I want you to be aware of two things that I hope will bring some sensibility into your future.

1. I am only an 18 year old female and I perceived you to be a male well into your 30s. I just pray that if you have a daughter at home, a girlfriend, wife or even a niece, that you never, ever negate their self­esteem the way you attempted to with mine.

Even so, regardless if the genders were reversed, or even ages, the bottom line is the words you used were not and will never be justified…in any situation.

2. Which brings me to my second point that you have no idea what other people are going through. From someone who has first­hand dealt with anxiety and depression, a comment like this is enough to send any struggling person past their tipping point.

Thankfully, this stupid bitch knows her own worth and refuses to be confined by your lack of human decency.

I’d also like to point out that it was just a game…in a rec league…of adults. So please, let us all take this as a reminder to be aware of our actions and start acting like adults.