An Open Letter To The Next Girl He Falls In Love With


To the next girl,

I hope you get the version of him I wish he showed me during our time together. I hope he loves you consistently and puts you first always. When he loves someone, he will love them with his whole heart. When it seems like he’s in another world, he’s becoming lost.

The beginning is always the best. You’re in the butterfly stage, constantly consumed with one another. You never want to leave each other’s side and you start thinking how no one has ever treated you so perfect. Enjoy that stage. It does not last forever (unless you’re one of the lucky ones). Soon, it will start to fall apart (at least, for me it did). There will be another girl who will catch his interest. You will have problems with this girl for a majority of the relationship. You will be so tired of it, of not being able to trust him. I was there; I felt that pain. You will hear rumors of the cheating and the lying. Soon, you will be so done with it all because you just feel uncontrollably broken.

To the next girl, I hope he learned from me to not involve another girl and to only have eyes for you. I hope he learned from our relationship to put you first and to never abuse his time with you. I hope he learned from me that lying will get him nowhere in the relationship. How he started treating me when he knew he officially lost me is how I wish he treated me throughout the relationship. I could have gone back, but I finally had enough and knew my time with him was over.

To the next girl, do not put up with the manipulative shit. Make sure he knows that and make sure he allows you to be your own person. I wish you the best. Even though it didn’t work out for us, it could work out for you. To the next girl, I hope you make him incredibly happy and are able to fill the parts in him that I could not. I don’t know how this journey with him will be for you, but ride the wave and make sure it’s everything you want in a relationship. The relationship didn’t work between us, but he did teach me a very important lesson—never settle for less than I deserve.