An Open Letter To ‘The One’


Dear You,

Although this is a shot out of the water and I have no idea who you may be, I thought I would give you some insight on how important you really are. As a female, we spend what feels like our whole life trying to find someone to share the love in our hearts with, and to me it’s you. I’ve tried to imagine how you would walk, the way you would look at me, or the smile that will appear on your face every time I walk into the room and it gives me hope that somewhere in this world you are waiting to find me too. I see what I hope will be you everywhere and somehow, we just haven’t crossed paths yet.

So much is happening in my life and when you get the chance to hear it, they will all just be distant memories. I would love to tell you about my family or life right now, but I know that just isn’t possible because I have no idea who you are. Although I try to live in the present, all I really find myself thinking about is my future with you. While I’m jumping with joy or sobbing in my pillow, the only person I wish I could call and talk to is — yes you guessed it — you. I would call, but I wouldn’t even know what area code I would start dialing. I think it is the idea of mystery that makes you so intriguing. The idea you are somewhere living your life maybe with a girl, only hoping it comes to an end so you can start your search for me.

I believe in fate and following my destiny. I know each guy that walks in and out of my life is another person that brings me closer to you. I look around campus trying to figure out if we have crossed paths, or if you even attend the same school as me. These years of discovering who we are, is apart of a plan. This plan is also known as our destiny. Not everyone chooses to follow their destiny, but I know if I follow mine, in the end it will lead to you. It will lead to the family we will create, the home we will settle in or the trips we will take. It’s hard to imagine all of the hard work we are doing now will pay off when we are sitting back and looking back on the life we created.

I want to look back at this one day and be glad I found you. I want to be able to reminisce on our first date or the way you looked at me when I knew I was the one. I can only hope all of my hopes and dreams come true, and I hope you are there by my side. When I look back on these early college years I want to be happy with the way ended up and honestly for the most part, you will be the reason these years were worth it. I don’t know if I have met you yet, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. If I have met you, I can only hope we realize we are meant to be soon, and even if we don’t realize this for 10 years, I can only wait and pick through eligible bachelors until I find my way back to you.

You know what they say, good things come to those who wait. I guess I will listen to that and just wait. I have lived without you for 19 years now, so I guess a couple more will be worth it. I love you and that might be weird to say but I am hopelessly in love with you even if I don’t know who you are. I can’t wait to finally see who you are, until then I’ll just dream about you and continue to become the woman you will want to marry.

Love Always,