An Open Letter To The People Of Israel


I think that there are two sides to every single story. In response to the recent post published, “A Letter to the Children of Palestine and Those Who Will Never Grow Old.” Here is a take on how the Israeli people feel during times of crisis.

Dear citizens of Israel,

I am sorry that your whole lives revolve around the fact that there is a country right at your border with people who wish to annihilate every single civilian in effort to capture land. It must be scary to know that no matter how much good you can do and how much you may advocate for peace, there is a terrorist organization minimal kilometers away who hates your guts, simply for living in Israel.

I am sorry that people neglect your fear. I’m sorry the world only thinks it’s okay for Palestinians to live in panic and that you may have no right to be scared, simply because the amount of Israeli deaths are minimal. Do they forget that you only have 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter? The Iron Dome may be the most beneficial thing to the people of Israel, but it is not always on point. Even with all this advanced technology, your life is still in high risk for death, especially when there have been more than eight thousand rockets fired into Israel.

I am sorry that they blame every Israeli for the amount of deaths there have been in Palestine. It is not your fault that they choose to use their civilians as human shields. It is also not your fault that they hide their weapons in schools, houses, homes, mosques, and hospitals. Only terrorists would hide weapons in open areas and tell people to disregard warnings sent by Israeli officials.

I am sorry that you had to experience three innocent boys being kidnapped and killed on the spot. It must be terrifying every to feel that those children could have been yours, or that you, yourself could have been those teens. I am sorry that the world thinks that you have no compassion and that they think you actually want to kill civilians. How could that be accurate, when so many Israelis went to the funeral of that innocent Arab boy who was killed? Isn’t it funny when Hamas does nothing to those Arabs who killed those innocent teens, yet Israel uses all its funding to finally arrest those involved in the murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir.

I’m sorry that the world forgets that Gaza, too, gets aided with millions of dollars from the United States. I’m sorry that they blame all of you for using it beneficially, like funding for the Iron Dome. What has Hamas done with the money they received? With 900 million dollars, I am sure they could have done something helpful for its citizens. Instead, top Hamas leaders live in luxury homes, have gorgeous cars, and are making Palestinian people suffer. So, Palestinian people blame America for Israel receiving millions of dollars, when Gaza gets the same? How is that fair?

I can only hope that one day there will be no more terrorism surrounding your beautiful country. I pray that Hamas will be overthrown and that a new regime comes into Gaza who actually believes in the state of Israel. I know that even the surrounding Arab countries are fed up with Israel. It is only a matter of time before the world stops blaming Israel, and actually realizes who is at fault: Hamas.

I am praying for your safety, each and every day, while there are thousands of young soldiers who are currently in Gaza. May they all return home safely and sound. I will continue to pray for peace, I hope you all do too.

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