An Open Letter To The Troubled Soul


You’ll feel that you can’t do anything about the problems that you are encountering, there are people who constantly laugh at your mistakes or for being who you are, wanting to feel accepted, but you always get rejected and are left feeling like you are not good enough. You are not doing what you want even if it may be simple, but there are certain factors which are hindering you from doing them, etc. You won’t feel all of these factors in a snap. It usually piles up and then you can’t contain it anymore.

Other people may not be able to understand you, but try your best to ignore what they think of you. Always being concerned of what other people say about you will only increase your want to feel that you belong even if you should be living your life the way you want to. It’s your life not theirs.

You are not in a competition with anyone. You don’t need to prove anything. You just need to do your best when trying out something new and if you do get rejected, accept it. Don’t question it. It happened and you can’t do anything about it anymore. Acceptance may be hard, but once you learn the art of this, you’ll realize that life goes on.

Feeling that you are being controlled by someone will be the striking point of being a rebel and once you get tired of it, you’ll do what you want without minding the consequences. It’s you wanting to have that control over your own life. Find a way to finally take control of your life in a way that won’t harm you and the people around you.

Engage in meditation every day. Focus on keeping your mind at peace. Have a positive mindset. Always keep in mind your purpose in life. Think of what keeps you alive and what more to discover in this beautiful world we live in.

Be thankful for your past. It shaped you to be the person who you are right now. Don’t have any regrets for the times that you almost got in trouble whether it may be life or death situations. It was in those moments wherein you felt so alive and it made you feel that life is worth living.

You’ve been so wounded and you need to fully heal from your past. It may take some time and it may be hard, but I know that you’ll get there.