An Open Letter To Trump’s White Supporters


For the record, I don’t lump Trump supporters all together. However, I do believe that a vote for Trump was a vote for racism, whether the person is conscious of it or not. Racism is REAL, whether it impacts you or not. The way to grasp this is to grow the capacity to empathize with people outside of your own experience.

We saw the response from law enforcement at Black Lives Matter protests in previous months, and we saw the clear difference in response (or lack thereof) on January 6. Racism is still breathing in this country, and people of color are suffering because of it. I don’t care what your political beliefs are, but white people are born with privilege and inherent racism. We must acknowledge that. You may not be conscious of it, but it’s up to us as individuals to use that privilege for people being oppressed. I’m not saying there aren’t white people that haven’t had a hard life. Racism isn’t saying that people of color have it hard and white people have it easy. The difference is that white people don’t face challenges because of their skin color, whereas people of color do. I don’t care if we disagree on things, but we have to be able to meet in the middle on fundamental human rights.

Trump has started a movement filled with dangerous rhetoric and misogyny that’s fueled hatred of humans against humans. Wednesday was a clear display of this. I don’t care if you believe the election was rigged; that’s fine, even if I disagree wholeheartedly. It doesn’t matter. You don’t ignore what happened Wednesday, and you don’t call the people that did what they did “beautiful people.” Trump supported these animals that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday and point-blank that is not okay; it is DANGEROUS.

Enough is enough is enough.

We can calmly disagree on views, but we can’t disagree on still standing by a cult leader like Donald Trump that fuels the fire of white supremacy for any reason. Our country has never been this divided; families have never been this divided. This division is the result of Donald Trump, and you have to acknowledge that even if he may support some of the things you support. Inherent racism exists everywhere, so it’s up to us as individuals to do our part in changing that and perhaps unlearning some things we once believed were true.

Choose peace and choose love.