An Open Love Letter To Sensitive People


You are so sensitive.

And, like the puddle of water that ripples at the slightest change, you are profound.

You are intuitive. You are connected. You are vulnerable. You are a ripple effect of these treasures to anyone who is open enough to receive them.

When others are in pain, you are the first to ache, too. Your beautiful heart instantly breaks a million times over when someone else’s breaks. You can’t help but wonder what hurt you can take away from them. Without a second’s hesitation, you put the weight on your own shoulders.

You cry fast and hard. So hard your chest expands and you think you might break, but you never do. You cry. Because sadness. Because anger. Because frustration. Because surprise. Because relief. Because joy. Because love.

And your love! Oh, your sweet love. It starts like the surface of the ocean, always moving and absorbing every bit of the sun’s light. It survives the deepest and coldest depths, and evolves to thrive in the shadows. It’s powerful like the Earth’s molten core. In other words, your sensitive love is the shit. It’s everything.

Anyone your sensitive arms want to embrace and love so fiercely should be so lucky.

The coldness of the world has tried to defeat you. To shut out your full, bold range of humanity. They call you weak, they spat sensitive, as if it were a bad thing. Other humans can be so cruel like that. But not you. You take their words into consideration. You reason with their wrongness and perhaps their rightness. Even if you are hurt by their words, you still acknowledge them. This is the power of sensitivity.

You are in the present. You are not a robot. You are open to life’s abundance and you are slighted by society’s injustices. You can read the room and read in between the mothafuckin’ lines. You get overwhelmed and overloaded, this is true. But your awesome sensitivity has opened your soul to so many wonderful things most people miss. You move through life with thoughtfulness, so much that people who are less selfless think it’s foolish.

I have a confession. I love you, Sensitive Person, most of all.

You are the emotional rebel this world needs now more than ever. Sensitivity is the pulse of compassion and empathy. You care about what you do, who you are with, what the world is going through and how you can help and change things for the better. You are not afraid to speak up. You are not afraid to do the hard thing. Because of you, I have hope that we can all be brave enough to be ourselves.

The world really fucking needs you and your gift!

They say, “You are so sensitive.” I say to them, “So. Fucking. What?”