An Unbelievable, Heartwarming Documentary You Have To Watch On Netflix


When you read the title you will know what the documentary is about while finishing singing the lyrics in your head. Don’t Stop Believing: Every Man’s Journey is the story of how Journey replaced their lead singer with the golden voice. The documentary is not just about music, or replacing a band member, it is about watching an underdog succeed from the most unlikely of places.

The documentary starts off with Journey talking about how they need to find a replacement for their well-known singer who is done with the band. Finding a replacement lead singer is not the same as replacing a drummer, or bass guitar player. Journey is tasked with finding a replacement singer who sounds EXACTLY like Steve Perry, the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack.

Journey ends up finding their needle in a haystack on YouTube. A bar singer in the Philippians catches the band’s attention, and that is where the documentary takes off. Whether or not you like Journey, rock music, or even music in general, this documentary is well worth watching because of these three reasons:

1. See The Struggle

The documentary is centered around their newly found lead singer from the Philippians who is not much more than a nightclub singer. Watching the process to go from amateur to instant rock star is as intriguing as it sounds. It is not a smooth transition on all accounts, but watching Arnel (the singer) grow throughout the documentary is one of the charms of this documentary.

2. The Energy and The Voice

Seeing Arnel in action gives you an up close perspective on what it takes to be the front man for Journey. There are times throughout the documentary that you may even get tired watching Arnel go to work because of his explosive energy. The first time in the documentary that you get a chance to hear Arnel sing a Journey song, I dare you to not laugh. You will laugh out of sheer confusion and amazement at the same time. To see the identical voice of Steve Perry come from someone who looks nothing like him is a funny yet inspiring thing.

3. The Inspiration

Don’t Stop Believing: Every Man’s Journey will inspire you in unique ways. Seeing someone literally come from nothing to then being thrust upon the big stage with a world popular band will give anyone inspiration. To see first hand everything that Arnel has to overcome to fill the shoes of a former rock icon is nothing less than amazing. On top of that (spoiler) seeing Arnel and Journey get a chance to perform in his native country is one of the coolest moments in the entire documentary.

Reading this article does not do Don’t Stop Believing: Every Man’s Journey justice. There are no words to convey what it is like to see the voice of Journey come from a man that you would never expect to have the singing chops of Steve Perry. This documentary is a fun and inspiring ride from start to finish. After you watch Don’t Stop Believing: Every Man’s Journey on Netflix I guarantee every time you hear a Journey song from here on out you will wonder if Arnel is the one singing it.