And Here I Thought All This Time, Our Yelling Sounded A Lot Like Love


I’m not allowed to be sad about this.
Someone else is sitting
in a pile of glass
and I’m the one who shattered it
above both our heads.
I stick handfuls of lemon slices
in my mouth
so that everyone can see,
I deserve this feeling.
I am the one
who closed the shop,
who said
it wasn’t worth trying
to salvage
what we’ve got.

How can I mourn
what I decided to bury?

I imagine a world
where you and I are stuck in dark navy waves.
Everything is wide
and reaching,
I cannot see any endings
just blue velvet
The loveliest kind,
I reach out to you with a tentacle
because we are not
you and I
like we are in this lifetime.
we are both octopuses.
And no, not octopi.
I found out you cannot put a Latin ending
on a word derived from Greek.
In case you were wondering,
as you probably would,
ready to prove me wrong.
In this underwater universe,
you do not worry so much
about correcting
my wrongdoings.

You just swim with me.
I just swim with you.