20 Hilarious Anime Memes That Are Too Damn Relatable


What’s better than a great meme? A great ANIME meme. I don’t know why, but for some reason everything seems funnier when it’s coming out of Naruto’s mouth. Whether you’re a Death Note fan or a Pokemon fan, or just an anime fan in general, we’ll have something that’ll make you laugh your butt off.


2. Sorry, you have no other purpose


4. It’s crazy what a couple of years can do

5. I am almighty

6. Okay but it can’t be JUST me

7. What in tARNATION

8. Haha, what a nerd

9. It’s different, I swear!!!

10. *internal screaming*

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11. Pikachu is the most relatable character

12. “Yeah sorry I’ve got a lot to do…”

13. Taylor Swift had no idea this was coming

14. Did somebody say… Butler?

15. You KNOW the feeling

16. ~anime boys~

17. Why does anime food always look better than my frozen pizza???

18. Oh no not again

19. Just WATCH IT

20. We are ALL Naruto

What’s your favorite anime meme?