Annoying Pastor Ruins Christmas By Yelling ‘He Is Not Real!’ To Kids Waiting To Meet Santa


Meet Pastor David Grisham from Last Frontier Evangelism — a church in Alaska.

Pastor David is a big supporter of the Westboro Baptist Church — you know, that super homophobic and downright evil church that protests soldiers’ funerals with posters that say “God Hates Fags!”

All-around great guy, right?

Instead of raising money for the poor, or working at a soup kitchen, or some other task resembling the Ministry of Jesus Christ this past weekend, Pastor David decided to go to the mall and crush the spirit of Christmas for dozens of children.

Walking back up and down the long line for families to see the mall’s Santa Clause, Pastor David screamed at the children that Santa “wasn’t real” and yelled at the parents to stop “bearing false witness” to their children. He yelled that Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas, and basically just repeats this over and over again.

You can watch the whole video here:

“I want to tell you today that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Santa Claus does not exist. The Christmas season is about Jesus. Jesus was born 2016 years ago. He was born in a manger in a small town called Bethlehem. That is the truth about Christmas […] The man you’re going to see today is just a man in a suit dressed up like Santa but Santa doesn’t exist, Santa is not real!”

He goes on and on until three parents confront him and demand that he leave.

Pastor David now claims that he was assaulted by the men asking him to leave, and claim that the “Facebook Gestapo” are trying to censor his “message” on social media.

But actually, maybe Pastor David should want Facebook to censor his message. Because so far, it hasn’t been well-received:

My guess is that Pastor David doesn’t regularly read the Bible, so let me remind him: in all the words of the Gospel, Jesus never did anything like this. Jesus didn’t have time to run around department store malls and ruin holidays for other people. This pastor is a joke.

I hope the families still manage to have a good Christmas.