Are There Angels Among Us? Well, This Video Just Might Convince You Once And For All.


If you’ve ever hoped and wondered if there were benevolent spirits or angels watching out for us in life, this story might be the proof you’ve been looking for.

Colleen Banton is the mother to Chelsea, who had lived her all of life with serious health issues. Chelsea was born five weeks premature and suffered from several developmental disabilities. In 2008 after contracting pneumonia, her family prepared to say goodbye to Chelsea as her condition deteriorated.

As Colleen waited for her daughter to take her last breath, an bright light appeared on the security monitor. Colleen says there is only one explanation: an angel was watching over Chelsea and was either there to heal her daughter, or take her to heaven. Almost immediately after the image was seen by Colleen and three other nurses, Chelsea’s condition began improving. The incident is being described as nothing other than a miracle.


Sadly, Chelsea passed away last month in her home at the age of 21. But her family remains steadfast that there are angels continuously protecting their family. Chelsea is now watching over us with them.