Are These Famous Actors Shamelessly Brotastic, Or Provocatively Hipsteriffic? You Decide.


Bill Murray 

I think we can all agree that the Ghostbuster and unquestionably legendary human duly transcends the vague stereotypes this article is based on. But that’s exactly why we play the game.

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Zach Galifianakis 

His comedic styling is one predicated on being incredibly arbitrary, which clearly skews hipster. The unkempt persona can go either way. But he’s also tight with Bradley Cooper, which seems like it might count for something.

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James Franco 

The picture above is undeniably Bro. But this great man is a poet. A teacher. An Artist. What is a Franco?

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Donald Glover 

Remember that one time Donald Glover played that Republican dude in Girls?

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Aaron Paul 

What call you an ABQ-based meth dealer who simultaneously enjoys video games and somber reflection? Possibly important to note, Aaron Paul was on The Price Is Right well before he was Aaron Paul.

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Leonardo DiCaprio 

This November, Leo is gearing up to play Wall Street King Jordan Belfort, who was at the time one of the most devilish Bros in human history. But we’ve also seen him display a softer, more sensitive tortured genius side in other roles.

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Steve Buscemi 

Fargo helped him rise to prominence, and doing anything remotely associated with North Dakota seems like a pretty hipster thing to do. But he was also in like every Adam Sandler movie from 1997-2005. Decisions, decisions.

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Ben Affleck 

It seems that this Grade A Brohemian is actually getting away with being a blockbuster movie-star and a culturally relevant auteur, all at the same time. But is he more one than the other?

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Jessie Eisenberg 

Bro-ing out as hoodie-clad Zuckerberg vs. stuck, suburbanite intellectual Adventureland employee, and/or his philistine-hating role in The Squid and the Whale. Who ya got?

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Justin Timberlake 

Define this jack justin-of-all-trades.

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