Are You Ready To Trek Into The Unknown?


When we adopt an opportunity mindset — which contradicts everything we were raised to believe — we start seeing what has been largely invisible to us. We no longer need to hammer at ourselves day and night to be validated for our success by a broken world.

I met a passionate and driven young man fighting for fairness. I had a father, who I lost half a lifetime ago, believing in justice. But in a world with corrupt and unjust systems, what’s the point of fighting all the time? Why uphold a dying paradigm that doesn’t serve the vast majority of us? Why try to save or make this world only “better” when we can take our imagination and courage to create a truly healthy plain of existence?

We’ve already thrown billions of dollars, lives, and unquantified energy in trying to bring fairness, equality, and philanthropy to an unjust and corrupt world. We know very well how this same story repeats itself and our opportunity is not to be a sequel or rerun.

Living in awareness makes us see not just the problems and challenges, but the opportunities that are often hiding on the edges of our vision. When we choose to put down the manual of success that we were handed, life gets a bit rough, since there’s no blueprint to where we’re heading.

Many of us were taught to trust authority figures before trusting ourselves. Someone else always had the answer and often told us to stop questioning when they didn’t know what to say. And this is no longer a time of self-help that is emerging — this is a time of living in awareness as conscious creators and architects of our own healthy life. It is important that our own life is healthy and that we understand the importance of taking impeccable care of our holistic health—now more than ever! When we are self-aware and healthy, we’re able to share our attention and gifts with others.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” This sentiment by Marcel Proust reflects the theme of trekking into the unknown as a curious adventurer. This is a great opportunity to:

  • Explore your imagination, ideas, beliefs or philosophies
  • Question everything,
  • Explore and challenge your belief system
  • Become aware of what trekking into the unknown means to you and see whether you’re ready or not to take the first step

Whatever you choose, the opportunity is to find a way to see the emerging world with new eyes and become aware of what your role is as you trek into unknown territory.

And as you take one step at a time, you will experience what’s possible. But it’s some of the hardest and most rewarding work you can ever sign up for!

What gates are waiting for you to open them?