Ari Eastman Wants To Publish YOU On Thought Catalog!


This October 1st, Ari Eastman (it me!!!) will be taking over Thought Catalog’s homepage and curating content that speaks to her.

The theme she’s decided to go with is: “Things I’m Afraid To Say” — which is purposely open-ended. Have at it! What are you afraid to say? Now is your moment to stop being scared!

You can join us for a chance in being published by emailing Miss Eastman herself — Stories, poetry, essays, articles, lists, she wants them all!

If you’re interested in participating, be sure to send in your work in by September 28th.

Ari will sort through and find her favorites and they’ll be published and shared on Thought Catalog. This could be your moment to shine. So in the words of Tyra Banks, “Shine bright, shine far. Don’t be shy, be a star.”