Ariana Grande Is Getting The Best Surprise Ever For Her Efforts In The Wake Of The Manchester Attack


After bringing together millions of people across the globe through her One Love Manchester Concert, Ariana Grande is receiving a huge thank you from the city — and trust me, it’s well deserved.

After the Manchester attack in May, Grande did her part for the community by not only staging an amazing benefit concert that included the likes of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, but also by paying for the victims’ funerals and visiting injured fans in the hospital. So Manchester decided to show their love for her by granting her honorary citizenship — that’s right, Ariana Grande is a Mancunian now.

Of course, fans and supporters thought it was the perfect way to give back to Grande for everything she’s done.

Could we just go ahead and give her UK citizenship? Or, like, complete European citizenship?

Congrats, Ariana. You more than deserve it.