Ariana Grande Just Called Out This Sexist Tweet That Blamed Her For Mac Miller’s DUI


It’s been a dramatic month for Ariana Grande, who revealed earlier this month that she and boyfriend of two years Mac Miller had broken up after Coachella, though she admitted that the relationship had basically been over for a while. Just weeks after the announcement, Miller got a DUI after he was involved in a hit-and-run and blew twice the legal limit during a breathalyzer test.

It’s no surprise that some have found a way to link the couple’s breakup with Mac’s incident, going as far as calling it “heartbreaking” and hinting that Ariana may have been his downfall. One twitter user, Elijah Flint, empathized with Miller in a tweet, earning him over 86k likes and 19k retweets from fans who agreed.

Of course, there are plenty of problems with this statement, which seems to blame Ariana for ending the relationship and putting Mac in a bad place. In fact, Ariana Grande decided to debunk the myth herself, tweeting a screenshot of a statement explaining that she has the right to leave a toxic relationship and shouldn’t be blamed for what Miller chose to do himself.

Honestly, this is the best way Grande could’ve handled the situation, in my opinion. She stood up for herself while remaining respectful, which is all anyone could have asked for. And yet, still, so much shade.

In all fairness, Elijah did apologize for the tweet, admitting that he knew nothing about their relationship and that he didn’t blame her for Mac Miller’s shortcomings.

Grande even thanked him for his willingness to understand her point of view.

I wish all Twitter interactions could be like this. Was Elijah’s statement kind of fucked up? Sure, but probably unintentionally. And instead of “dragging” him, Grande explained what was wrong about his statement in a respectful manner, which Elijah took the time to hear out. These are the conversations that’ll change the world someday, little by little.