As I Kiss Your Neck, I Steal A Piece Of You That You’ll Never Miss


These stolen moments are all I have. My breath, it wanders then comes back again. That strained voice as our bodies press tight. Closer. The draped sheet giving only a hint of morning light. That hazy daze that consumes us in our kingdom beneath these sheets. This fortress of retreat, of reprise. Our land of wonder. The hills of your shoulder these valleys made of skin.

This land is rampant with rivers running from the nape of your neck to the seams of your thighs. This world that consumes me. My stolen delight after our night.

These tents of cotton soft to touch but strong enough to keep you here. Our land where the sun never rises, a constant twilight that has my breath and holds my heart. Your body tells the story of this familiar landscape, the truth is a fable no one knows. We are continents that shift. We are colossal yet sway. The world does not exist beyond us, we are all that we care to know.

As the wind of your breath stirs the planes of my chest I think of all that could be. That heavy sight that holds the world. The lands that we could build and shape, creating cities with a kiss, populating them with the stroke of a hand. The warmth of your arms are my ocean and my body is adrift. Holding me I think of all that we could be, all that has been beneath these sheets, these stolen moments. I graze the hairs on your leg and you shiver, a canyon quivering. The plateau of your chest holds steady as you tilt your chin ever so slightly, causing the trees to sway. My hand grabs your thigh and a new mass begins to shift.

As I kiss the nape of your neck I steal a piece of you that you’ll never miss, I’ll cherish it forever. The weight of your body, our bodies, the world. Here we stay, the heat of our bodies now warming our world to temperatures no man could withstand. Your sweat is sweet, and I’d drink it as water if I could. You body pressed against me. Closer. But these stolen moments expire and fire scorches our earth. The heat pushing your pulse to race, awakening you from our world.

You give one more kiss, your lips are the valleys I want to roam the rest of my life. But with that you are gone. You pull the sheet back and a place unfamiliar to me comes into view.

This horizon is unknown and I don’t know how to be in this world. You stand, stretching like a mountain, and then move into the morning light. My fortress in ruins on the floor a sheet tossed aside as you leave. I sit up in bed and look out the window, I’m an alien. I touch my lips and they are sweet, I remember the history that we made and the world that was ours, a universe of colossal love.

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