At This Moment, The Possibilities Are Endless


At this moment, a seagull is taking its first plight. It is furtively walking along the margins of the cliff, breathing in the daunting exhilaration. It is watching the ruby sun plunge into the sea, concluding yet another day of failed attempts. It is still trying.

At this moment, a cancer survivor is placing a long wig of auburn curls over her bald head. Her makeup and strength covers her scars. Her parents are watching their little princess going to prom just like every other teenager, their eyes welling up. The wig itches a bit but she pouts at her reflection. She is not like every other teenager. She is still beautiful.

At this moment, a tired father is coming back home. He has had a long day, carrying the heavy weight of bricks, loans, and unfulfilled dreams on his shoulders. A sweat bead trickles down his cheek and sparkles in the light and for one moment it looks like a tear. A tear he shouldn’t be shedding. He still has to be the strong dad for his family.

At this moment, a guitarist is strumming away at her strings, her eyes shut in the cloud of notes that surround her head. She winces at the sound and belts out her pain. Her empty bed gets colder at night, but under this spotlight, she’s got a friend in her audience. And she knows after she takes the bow, these friends will be lost in a maelstrom of crowds but she savors the spotlight for it is hers and hers alone for the moment. She is still strumming.

At this moment, a young bride is throwing her bouquet at the crowds. And with it, she is throwing away her inhibitions, her fears, her issues. And in that moment, she realizes she’s throwing away her dreams and independence too. For that moment, she is reminded of her past where a happy ending hasn’t always been in her favor. But the bouquet lands in her mothers’ hands, who nods calmly. She is still learning to trust.

At this moment, a young boy is dropping another penny into his piggy bank. He blinks under the flickering streetlight, squinting to read his textbook. His shoes have holes and his jacket lacks fleece but the fuel of his dreams burn luminously. He is saving while his peers splurge on colorful candies and cola liquorice. He is still dreaming.

At this moment, an army officer is watching families collide and embrace in delight at the airport. Greetings are exchanged, tears are shed and light is spread. He has no one to go home to. He is still trying to fit in.

At this moment, a blind painter is dabbing at his canvas. Hues of pastel and crimson blend into a mélange of colors, a rainbow brighter than any other. He can’t see the beauty of his own artistry. He still believes.

At this moment, the world is changing. At this moment, beginnings are beginning and endings are ending.

This moment is going to be a fading memory in some time and one day it will desiccate into nothingness. This moment decides what’s out there in the future. This moment carves a path to tomorrow. This moment knocks you down and this moment defines you. This moment is going to change the game.

And sometimes, this moment is all you’ve got.