Attention Guys: This App Allows You To See What Girls Really Think About You


As I have been out of the dating pool for a few years, I am generally pretty unaware of new love apps as they present themselves. I’ve never used Tinder or Hinge or any of the other things my friends tend to use — we met the conservative, traditional, old-fashioned way: on OKCupid. But I’ve heard a lot about the app Lulu, which is basically Yelp for ex boyfriends. Girls can review guys they’ve dated and give them funny scores or hashtags or whatever. And until this point, it was a huge secret amongst us ladies.

But now, guys can look themselves up, and actually see their stats, because we all have an enormous masochistic streak. It’s like Google for your dating life, and you can see yourself. So if you’ve ever wondered if girls think you’re good in bed — or are just generally talking shit about you — now you know where to look.

image – cast me gently