Austin’s Mayor Had This Savage Response To A Man Complaining About The All-Female ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening


There’s been a lot of controversy over the Alamo Drafthouse cinema’s decision to have an all-female viewing of Wonder Woman in Austin, Texas. It’s pissed a lot of people (namely men) off, and they refuse to stay silent about it.

One man sent this letter to Austin’s mayor expressing his dismay about the event in perhaps the most sexist way possible.

Yes, this man does not hate women. He just believes they are the “second rate gender.”

Not surprisingly, Mayor Steve Adler didn’t take the message well. What was surprising, however, was how amazing his response was.

Mic. Drop.

People were impressed by Adler’s on-point response, which was somehow both classy and savage.

Of course, people from Austin wouldn’t expect anything less.

On a related note, how about this: Mayor Steve Adler for president.