Thought Defense: What 1984 Never Warned Us About

When that tragedy happens, and those law-abiding citizens who believed they were doing nothing wrong go to jail, there will still be the tragedy that wouldn’t have happened without the encouragement of thought defense. Where was the dystopian novel to warn us about that?

The Treasures We Leave (And Find) In Books

I found a letter from a woman named Janet to a woman named Evelyn about how this pamphlet would have information about what it was like when Evelyn’s aunt went to medical school.

Put Harper Lee’s New Novel In The Future Library

While the world was captivated by the story of a book by a great literary figure that has been hidden in a box for more than half a century, another literary figure talked about hiding a book away in a box for a century.

7 Remarkable Women Who Should Have Their Faces On Dollar Bills

Sometimes progress is boring, even for a progressive like me. The prospect of replacing a single man with a single woman on a single unit of our currency, whoever each person happened to be, just didn’t excite me when news broke yesterday that that would happen.

Maybe Hillary Supporters Are Just More Low-Key

I have an alternate theory based on nothing but personal experience: Hillary’s supporters are just as enthusiastic as Donald Trump’s or Bernie Sanders’s, they’re just a lot more low-key.