23 Things I Wish I Knew…Wait NVM

I drafted a post titled “23 things I wish I knew at 22.” Haha, wait, am I actually significantly older and wiser than I was at 22? Ummmm….I’m going to go with a hard “no.”

Truth Is, I’ve Already Labeled You A Disappointment

Swiping right and reading “It’s a match!” boosts my confidence for a moment, then it stagnates once again. The countless “hey what’s up?” messages all become meshed into one, and I can’t be bothered.

*Gag* All You Want, But It’s Okay To Long For A Fairytale Romance

I didn’t go Nantucket searching for the love of my life. I didn’t go looking for a boyfriend or a man to fill some empty void. I went because I like to take chances, I like to put myself out there despite the disappointments that I can never seem to escape from. I went because I’m a freaking hopeless romantic. Sue me.

Read This If You Just Don’t Know What’s Next

People are going to tell you that right now is the time to jumpstart your career. To figure out the best way to get ahead of the next guy. And they’re right-that is important. But don’t settle for something just because you feel like you need to follow the rigid societal structure for the rest of your life.