I Have Been Kicked Off Of eBay Four Times

Besides simply not shipping items, I also found I could make money by creating false value with common objects. I tried a lot of things like this, including selling fake autographs and used underwear. This was even better than scamming because people actually got what they paid for and no one ever knew.

Everything There Is In My Apartment

My winter coat. The other winter coat I like more. My “Jesus Got Er Dun” hoodie I bought drunk in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A zip up hoodie. The hooks the coats and hoodies hang on. A metal trash can. A roll of bags in the bottom of the can under the trash. My running shoes.

Gin & iTunes

I wonder if this Liz singer lady has ever been into a WalMart. Seems like she would have had to by now but I can’t see her even parking in the parking lot. Seems like she doesn’t have a body below the head…

My Next Door Neighbor Had Tourette’s

He would get angry when she didn’t want to walk beside him. His head was small and buzzed of hair and he looked red. I don’t think he ever smiled where I could see him. He would not look at me. He seemed to want to explode.

What I Think Twitter Is For

“We like twitter as a place to relax and goof around!” isn’t really a rallying cry I can get behind. It feels like used cars with fast food wrappers all inside them, and in light of that I actually agree with Franzen and wish Twitter did not exist, though I think he misses entirely what I find as the point. I don’t want to watch you talk to friends or know where you are going for dinner.

On Sleeplessness And Online Poker

The higher the digits went, the more I shrunk, compacting in my seat in my silent room to grow faster, higher, larger, made of money I rarely transferred into palpable bank notes. I liked seeing the number of my bankroll climb. A withdraw seemed a loss.