A Caveman’s Response To The Paleo Diet

It’s everywhere. In your stupid folded paper magazines, and your nonsensical Pinterest picture board, and on your Rachael Ray television programs, which might be a joke about how bad television programs can be, or might be an actual show.

What Goes Through My Mind Every Time I Watch Catfish

What’s it gonna be this week? I mean, we’ve had pretty much every permutation, right? We’ve had gays pretending to be straights, guys pretending to be girls, girls pretending to be guys, transgendered pretending to be origi-gendered, and of course lots and lots of fats pretending to be skinnies. That’s a pretty big one for Catfish.

In Defense Of Girly Drinks

Mudslides taste so good that we are willing to drink them even though they’re named after a MUDSLIDE.