To My First Best Friend: I Forgive You For Leaving Me

I missed you. And I still miss you. But I learned that it was more painful to question our friendship and to question myself than it was to realize that sometimes people come and go, and that this is just part of life.

It’s Okay If 2018 Wasn’t Your Year

I didn’t really like this year. It was daunting and rough and everything in between. But it still had its irreplaceable moments. It still had its lessons and blessings. And I still wouldn’t erase it, even if I could.

I Miss You In December

I miss you when I hang ornaments on the tree, especially the ornament with your name on it. I miss you when I hear Christmas music playing softly on the radio. And I really miss singing “Feliz Navidad” in the car with you, at the top of our lungs.