No News is New News

The federal government should have its own news voice — a newspaper, blog, TV and radio show.  They can relate all the so-called news.  This will put an end to the press conference and the news industry will have to actually find news, actually do some investigating, some thinking, some reporting.

Life Is Flux

There are no points we pass at which time life just gets easier, gets normal, gets sorted out.

Perspective Is Everything

There’s a house there. See it? I see it, too. But I see it from here and you see it from there. We are standing in different positions.

The Temptation Of Nothing

A man lies on his living room floor. His eyes are closed, arms by his side. His face is still, even, but occasionally furrowed.

How I Know Birds Fly For Fun

Decades ago, I was visiting a friend in Maine on this incredible island called Isle Au Haut with almost no people,…