10 Ways To Survive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here which means lots of quality time with the family (settle down I know how super excited that makes you).

10 Things I Learned On My First Trip To NYC

You go see a Slick Rick concert at Brooklyn Bowl, and it’s awesome, and you’re feeling great. So then you head to a bar/restaurant around 12:30 or 1am, and eat dinner and get more drinks.

American Psycho: Cleanse Edition

You know how you’re always supposed to “sleep on it”, take a timeout, think about everything first before you burst into an adult tantrum-esque rant? Well…

Scared City

What if this City I’ve build up so much in my head swallows me? What if the talents I think I might have or maybe am faking make me explode?

Take A 20

You might be wondering what take a 20 means. It’s all about people who do super annoying things that just need to take a 20, which is basically a 20 minute nap, or an “easy guy!” or pretty much the enough is enough of people and things that are just super annoying.