My Crush Dared Me To Spend The Night In A Graveyard, And Here’s Why I’ll Never Do It Again

The further that I went back in the graveyard, and the higher up the hill I walked, the more sad the stones began to look and the older they appeared to be. They were all in a state of severe disrepair and most of them had the names weathered off completely. While some were ominously in tact, others had snapped in half and only jagged pieces of what lay there before pushed up from the ground.

My Girlfriend Bought A Camera From A Yard Sale, And You’ll Never Believe What We Saw Through It

That’s when I stopped watching. But instinctively, I pushed the button and the photo slid out. But when I took the camera away from my face, there was nothing. Just the sunset. Like he had never existed. Evaporated right before my eyes. I grabbed for the photo, and there was nothing there either. But, I swear he was there. I watched him for a few seconds, trying to call to me. Trying to make sure I saw him.