Violence, Privilege, And The Windy City

One thing this friend said that really struck me was, “Well it’s the gangs. If they gangs keep killing each other, then there will eventually be none left.”

How I Became A Writer

I remember taking the pen and notebook from that woman outside the courtroom, flipping to a clean page in the book, and writing, JESSICA IS SAD in big, bold, uncoordinated letters. 

“My sister is going to be a good writer someday! Look at how nice her lines are!”

What Happens When Your Best Friend Dies

It’s the skipped beat in my heart, my dragging feet on my way to work. It’s the deep understanding that few other people could ever love me as selflessly and as unconditionally as he did.

This Is Why I’m Single Right Now

There was just me, and it was peaceful. For the first time in a long time, I was completely alone and it felt incredibly relaxing.

This Is The Song I Remember You By

This is a love letter to the words that calloused our broken hands when we thought we were already crawling, and mended our broken hearts when we thought they couldn’t break anymore.