Dating Tips For Dating

Interrupt her by making a shushing sound and putting your finger on her mouth. Now you’ve got the perfect opportunity to talk about waxing your board for the next 20 minutes.

Fashion Shmashion

Fashion forces me to think about who I am on some kind of deep, existential level.


The realization that behind each magic spectacle is nothing more than good ol’ fashioned hard work, patience, and maybe quick hands killed it for me.

You Love Your Girlfriend

You know because you’ve never felt this way about a person before. You know because you’d crumble if she left.

I Love Woody Allen

The truth of the matter is that great people aren’t always great role models.

Hooray For The NSA

It’s recently been leaked that the National Security Agency (NSA) has the ability to track, record, and store every phone call, text message, and email we send.

If I Were Javier Bardem…

If I were Javier Bardem, I’d be able to keep you. I’d want to. I wouldn’t have to think about it. I’d be so much more than a pretty face. I’d engage.