Why Your Fling Ended Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

The idea is put into yours or their head that this holiday is supposed to mean something. That if you mess up or go too all-out, it’ll be written in stone for the rest of time. There’s just too much in the air, and all the societal pressure to put a figurative ring on it causes people to flip into a panic and abandon ship.

26 Things You Need To Stop Apologizing For By 26

Showing any kind of emotion. People love to shame emotions. If someone pisses you off, you’re allowed to be mad. If someone makes you feel special, you’re allowed to feel loved. Start accepting your emotions as a natural thing your body processes. You’ll be able to make smarter decisions because of it.

This Is How You Break Your Heart

You have to accept that love is something we do. It’s something we feel. But it’s not something to be searched for, bought, sought or won.

24 Reasons Why Women Are Not Funny

Because our breasts get in the way of the microphone, and having them slam into the mic stand is not only painful, but also dangerous.