Siegels By The Bay I: Just Like A Woman

She picked at her skirt, pulling it against her legs and leaning slightly forward, attempting to conceal a bit of weight gain that she made too big a deal of. It was unlikely that anybody noticed.

Mary, Or Missed Connections On A Late Night Train

The departures board in the train terminal is an imposing thing. It’s your only source of information in the whole place. Ticket holders stand there staring, waiting for the shuffling clicks of its mechanism.

What An Apparel Company Founder Learned In The First 100 Days

Anyone with an internet connection and a computer can start a business. Generally, you don’t even need a particularly good idea. Just let people indulge their vanity in a public way, and you’ve got a punchers’ chance of a billion dollar valuation.

5 Of My Favorite Original Songs

As a freshman in high school, I recorded four or five songs and distributed them on CD-R to friends at school. I’d love to hear that CD again. Would probably be embarrassing. This isn’t it.