You Never Forget Your First Love

Even when I moved on, so far consumed by other crushes you became a dim memory, I never truly forgot. As though when it comes to you, reason does not hold. I can count on all ten fingers and ten toes reasons to not like you, reasons to forget you but it’s so damn hard.

Sometimes I Dream Of Elsewhere

On this road I have walked and ran, driven and flown, the pavement acting as a side note, a detail on the way to the actual story. The real events, the memories, the excitement and life.

When I Slice Into My Skin

I slashed sunshine slivers into my skin
and the gentle light has been eclipsed by moonlight
Raised silver veins that reach across tightly stretched skin and bones

I Am A Flower Tangled In The Weeds

I spit thorns between
two lips
scratching into those that come too near,
who try to buy my bouquet
without realizing
what type of flower I am.

We Fall In Love In The Rain

Our yin and yang, our complimentary colors,
our lock and key love that matches, in
the pouring rain, hidden in thick drops.

I Crave Numbness Like A Drug

I crave numbness like a drug. It scratches at me, somewhere deep in my mind. It whispers to me, a seductive mantra that finds me at my weakest point.