I Did Not Have Sex With My Coworker Nor Cheat On My Wife

She told me she’d been too sick to cook dinner, and if I’d mind. I smiled. She blew me a kiss because she didn’t want to get me sick. I walked to the kitchen and, even though I was exhausted after a long day at my job, I got to work cooking a plain dinner neither of us would remember.

How To Hack Your Life

Then, after delivered dinner, I drink six Red Bulls, and it’s back to another Serious Work Time to actually get some stuff done. That usually lasts until midnight, and then it’s asphyxiation time!

I’m Not Okay (I Promise): On The Breakup Of My Chemical Romance

I remember the first time I saw the music video for “Helena” on Total Request Live, at 4:15 pm on a Tuesday, me sitting with a bowl of Apple Jacks on my couch, my mom calling in from the other room that I needed to start my homework soon. My jaw dropped.