Don’t Be A Coward. Live Your Life.

I used to think there was virtue in ambition, but then, there’s a sort of weathering the years allow and you can’t notice until you stop and look at it.

Increments Of Fear

Longevity and specificity. Do anything for long enough and the high points of the past fade into relative mediocrity.

Driving Fast In Slow Cars

Around the time my baby brother was born, so 1997 I guess, my dad brought home The Sub, our pet name…

Catholic Guilt

The sisters did their part in reaffirming the mingling sense of reverence and fear the men of my family have always felt toward women, while laying deep the seeds of a crippling, life-long guilt. In other words, a proper Catholic education.

Another One Bites The Dust

His eyes left hers and worked their way down, and then up her body, not in appraisal, but admiration. His eyes stopped at the infinity sign tattooed above her right hip.

The Man In The Mirror

He seldom drank, but then heavily. He rarely loved, but then desperately. He never hoped, save once, foolishly.