How To Ride A Public Bus Like A Raging Asshole

When the bus begins to move, search for your bus fare in your jeans pocket. Chew your gum with your mouth open. Remark to the driver about how hard the rain is coming down. Now fish for your bus fare in your jacket pocket. Realize your bus fare is in your wallet at the bottom of your backpack.

A Woman’s Perspective On Dick Pix

A dick pic, known in some circles as a “cock shot,” is a photo of a man’s penis transmitted via the multimedia messaging service on your cell phone. Some are tall, some are short. Some are dark, some are bright. Some are vivid, some are dull. Dick pix, like dicks themselves, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Five Things They Lie To You About In High School

5. “The best four years of your life.” Puh-leaze! What kind of “life” is going to six hours of classes all day? Wearing braces? Doing homework? Sneaking booze? Asking permission to urinate? Real life starts after high school, when you’re free to stay out past 2am, wake up in a strangers bed and still expect a paycheck the following week. You can do anything and you don’t have to tell anyone!

My First Brazilian Wax

My friend and fellow Taurus told me to go to her girl at her salon for my first Brazilian bikini wax. I was five minutes late (obviously) and the bikini waxer was waiting for me in the lobby. The salon was very serene and soothing so I thought maybe I was in for a kind of relaxing experience. LOLLLLLLL.