I’m Unemployed And I’m Loving It!

Being the privileged first-world-dweller that I am (and also until very recently—unemployed), and given the rather grave climate of the jobs…

5 Works Of Literature For Kanye’s Book Club

Given Kanye’s celebrity status and our cultural habit of reducing (or elevating if you’re feeling nasty) sound bites torn from their context to snappy memes, it’s difficult to not at least be peripherally familiar with the man’s apparent delusions of grandeur.

5 Ways To Make A Long Walk Home Feel Shorter

The Situationists’ idea of strolling involved drinking and the ever-romanticized city of Paris, but one can go-a-flâneuring anywhere and in any state of awareness (or non-awareness, as the case may be.)

6 Best Ways To Watch Television

The television is a powerful tool for its owner when used moderately and with an eye for more than just mind numbing entertainment.